Somet Kipchilat

Somet Kipchilat

Chief Product Officer


Somet Kipchilat sits at the forefront of the fastest growing technology industry and market. He has spent the last couple of months working with several startups and enterprises on their Digital Transformation Journey.

Previously he served as a Senior Business Development manager for Sub-Saharan Africa under Microsoft`s Africa Initiative (4Afrika). He plays a key role in representing the company externally within the Startup and developer ecosystem on the continent and advocates on Microsoft’s work on several critical issues around technology including Access, skills, privacy, security, accessibility.

He has also helped to build Microsoft`s ISV Partner and startups engagements and position Microsoft as a market leader in the cloud space across the African continent.

A passionate cloud architect with deep industry knowledge in technology, he has worked with over 500 startups and partners across several markets to build solutions on the cloud that have both a local and global impact.

Throughout his 8 years in Microsoft, he has built a reputation for developing programs and engagements to empower developers, evangelizing developer tools across enterprises, startups, and student developer audiences.

He works closely with startups to build business strategies, incubate new business models based on technologies that have built on top of Microsoft cloud services and to scale those across different markets

Somet holds board advisory positions in several organizations across east Africa and the United Kingdom.