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Help us make a real difference in Africa. We’re dedicated to our purpose of unlocking the power of finance to build a prosperous, inclusive, and sustainable future for the next generation of Africans. We believe that Africa’s problems will be solved by our local entrepreneurs. Whether you’re starting or continuing your career, explore how you can work with us.

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Working at Melanin Kapital

Join a community of young people with a shared dream.

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Everyday is a learning day and we believe we have the platform to get you started on your career journey.

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At the end of the due, creating impact is victory song. Not only do you develop yourself, you contribute to developing Africa through your work.


  • I am happy and proud to be a part of the Melanin Kapital Family for the past 2 years. I have really enjoyed and appreciated my time at the company so far, as I have really learnt a lot and grown in my career. The company has a young workforce who constantly challenge you and make the working experience quite interesting and worthwhile as we are always learning new things from each other. Melanin Kapital being a dynamic organisation, I have been able to work on different projects involving different start-ups across multiple industries from which I have gained better understanding on how each sector works. The company has also empowered me with freedom to make businesses decisions which has really improved my business management and leadership skills. Overall, Melanin Kapital has been a game changer company for me, as I have seen myself bloom and flourish in my career path.

    Stella Kariuki
  • It’s a great pleasure working with Melanin Kapital as their web developer and I’m really grateful for the opportunity. The journey in building the technology that we have has not been easy, however, I have a strong team with me that has helped me reach every objective that was set. Enthusiasm runs across every department and our main goal is to take Melanin Kapital where it should be. Together I believe we will support the ambitions of African businesses.

    Ian Gitonga
  • One word I can use to describe my time at Melanin Kapital is Growth!

    I joined in May 2021 and so far, I have had a great experience working with a very diverse team of fellow employees. The Management is very keen on supporting our individual career ambitions by availing training

    opportunities which have been extremely helpful especially for me as I transition from corporate finance into my desired career path in impact investing within Africa.

    At Melanin Kapital, it’s not all work and no play as we have enjoyed fun bowling team buildings led by our COO Ian Minjire and beautiful personalized birthday songs from the CEO Melanie Keita. I look forward to our Monday global team meeting where every week, a new team member gets to host the meeting in their own special way. It’s an honour working at Melanin Kapital where I am challenged daily to be excellent in everything I do. Viva MK Team!!!

    Sylvia Silamoi
  • I appreciate the participative leadership culture at Melanin Kapital. Our leaders provide us with an environment to fully express our ideas and this has personally helped me build my confidence because I feel included, engaged and motivated to contribute.

    Carol Karanja