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About Melanin Kapital

Powering the green transition of African businesses.

Back in 2019, two Diasporans found themselves in Frankfurt-Germany, with the strong willingness of being able to support their countries of origins. Melanie born from French-German and Malian-Congolese parents, wanted to support somehow the countries where her other family was staying mainly in Congo, Senegal and Mali – while Ian born and raised in Kenya dreamt of supporting change back home in his motherland.

During Covid-19 Pandemic, they realized they were far away but wished to support impact sustainable development in Africa by building a digital financial bridge between their new home and original home. This would see them go on a quest to find amazing change makers that could locally transform the African continent with support of the right knowledge and resources. They put together their expertise and network from impact investing and entrepreneurship to give birth to Melanin Kapital. As a Panafrican MSME financing marketplace, Melanin Kapital aims at making finance possible for local entrepreneurs by derisking them, making them investable and provide them a pathway to finance.

Our Vision

To solve the climate crisis, we believe that any business can achieve Net-Zero emissions.

Our Mission

To finance the green revolution in Africa

Our Objective

To become the leading fintech platform driving $1 billion of credit financing the green transition of business in Africa.

We are United by Our Core Values

A Powering Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship

At Melanin Kapital, we believe in the power of entrepreneurship to provide solutions to Africa’s most challenging problems. We strive to empower entrepreneurs by helping them to get access to the capital they need to build the companies they envision. In our culture, this translates into a commitment to both entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship: we strongly believe that our employees should have the time to focus on their own projects and become agents of change on the continent. This is accommodated by providing entrepreneurship training and coaching.

Advocate for Gender Diversity and Support Minorities

We advocate for gender equality support of minorities and have committed to advancing the cause of women and support of local african businesses. This means that we are especially focusing on supporting women and local african entrepreneurs and seek to empower traditionally disempowered communities.

Commit to Highest ESG Standards and Drive Social Impact on the Continent

A key pillar of Melanin Kapital is the focus on committing to the highest ESG standards and positive social impact on the continent. This value is embedded at the core of Melanin Kapital’s mission focusing on accelerating and investing in impact on the continent. Through our funds, we are now structuring our own social impact strategy, methodologies and tools to empower African impact-driven ventures.

Promote Digital/Tech Working Environment

As a business created during the COVID-19 pandemic, Melanin Kapital’s business is structured around entrepreneurs and the use of new technology to build bridges between local businesses in Africa and investors. Our digital platform enables innovators and we strive to harness a digital infrastructure to allow the best capacity building services to be provided to the smallest ventures in Africa, which would usually struggle to get access to any support. We also aim to leverage on those technologies to allow our own organisation to provide to our employees to be able to work remotely through a fully-digital workspace.

Our innovative and inclusive approaches are what is making us unique in the market.

A European Connector Locally Engaged

Located in Frankfurt-Germany, Paris-France & Nairobi-Kenya we leverage on our networks in both Europe and Africa to encourage mutually beneficial partnerships and synergies to improve social impact on the ground.

Fostering Panafrican Identity

We are strong advocates of building bridges that link Africans from the Diaspora with Africans on the continent to reunite cultures and embrace change by each other for each other

Inspiring Financial Innovations

We believe in using collaborative and inclusive financial instruments, using new technologies and blended finance approaches to support early-stage entrepreneurs and scale local economic activities

Passionate Experience Team

Melanin Kapital is rooted by individuals that share a deep passion for Africa and are inspired to be change-makers by empowering local entrepreneurs with the resources and knowledge needed for them to raise their ambitions to the next level

We are Professional

Meet Our Passionate Experienced Team

Melanin Kapital is rooted by individuals that share a deep passion for Africa and are inspired to be change-makers by empowering local entrepreneurs with the resources and knowledge.

Our work was made possible thanks to a diverse management team

Our Team of Advisors

Africa is the future, what part will you play?