A social impact initiative supporting African Ambitions

Connecting international investors and social impact projects in Africa

our vision

Inspiring collaborations to build the Africa we want tomorrow

Our mission

Connecting investors and social impact entrepreneurs who share the ambition of making the World a better place

Our objective

Becoming a collaborative financial platform providing African social impact projects with access to liquidity, partnerships and mentoring from international investors

Value Added


We leverage on our networks in both Europe and Africa to encourage mutually beneficial partnerships and synergies to improve social impact on the ground


We are strong advocates of building bridges that link Africans from the Diaspora with Africans on the continent to reunite cultures and embrace change by each other for each other


We believe in using collaborative and inclusive financial instruments, using new technologies and blended finance approaches to support early-stage entrepreneurs and scale local economic activities


Melanin Kapital is rooted by individuals that share a deep passion for Africa and are inspired to be change-makers by empowering local entrepreneurs with the resources and knowledge needed for them to raise their ambitions to the next level

Financial Advisory Services

MK Services

Our Programs



Melanin Kapital matches African entrepreneurs with like-minded European companies, to build synergies and foster collaboration between the two continents



Melanin Kapital advises African companies to support them in their fundraising efforts from European investors



Melanin Kapital connects European mentors or investors to African projects with social impact on the ground.

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The Team

mélanie Keïta

Co-Founder, Managing Director

Ian Minjire Kibira


Christopher Ndegwa

Legal Consultant

Brian Kiptoo

Tech Consultant

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Mélanie Keïta

At Melanin Kapital, Mélanie is the managing director in charge of developing the platform’s investment products and the financial training curriculums. As a French-Congolese private-equity professional working in an impact private equity fund in Frankfurt-am-Main in Germany, Mélanie has always endeavored to leverage on her inter-cultural perspective and her financial expertise to contribute to the efforts of economic development on the African continent. She has worked in the impact investment field for the past four years in Africa and in the Middle East, supporting due diligence processes aiming at investing in SMEs, start-ups and financial institutions. Over the years working in different impact ventures such as Investisseurs et Partenaire and Finance in Motion, she has particularly developed a deeper knowledge in corporate finance, fundraising and impact assessment. Mélanie holds a Master’s in Corporate Finance from ESSCA business school, MSc. International Sustainability from ESCP Europe and is certified as a Microfinance expert from Frankfurt School of Finance & Management.

Ian Minjire Kibira

At Melanin Kapital, Ian is the project manager focusing on leading the teams and building partnerships with local corporations and international investors. Ian is a Kenyan Civil Engineer based in Germany. He has experience in project management and is currently pursuing a master’s in urban planning at Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences. He is passionate about building networks, structuring teams and leading them to foster long-lasting relationships that contribute to fundraising and successful development of innovative social impact projects. He has previously worked on infrastructural projects with Kenya Urban Roads and social impact projects with UNICEF and IBM Africa, under a subsidiary company Fun Kidz Tech working with Safaricom. His Mantra of ‘do it right or not at all’, allows Melanin Kapital to provide the best service and support to its clients.

Christopher Ndegwa

At Melanin Kapital, Christopher is in charge of setting up the legal documentation and assuring compliance with financial regulations. Christopher is a corporate and tax lawyer who routinely advises on all legal and tax aspects of mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructurings and structured finance transactions in East Africa. In parallel, he works at PwC Kenya in the Regulatory Compliance Advisory team advising on various corporate transactions across Eastern Africa. His unique background of law and finance has led him to be an integral part of teams advising clients on the legal and tax aspects of private equity transactions. He is keen to see increased access to capital provided to African enterprises and has been involved in the structuring of equity and debt investments such as receivables financing, advising on setting up the first local currency infrastructure debt fund in East Africa and the considerations to be borne when setting up the first locally originated equities based exchange traded fund in Kenya.

Brian Kiptoo

At Melanin Kapital, Brian is the developer of the online platform on Android and iOS. Brian holds a bachelor’s degree in Telecommunication & Information Engineering from Jomo Kenyatta University. Has over seven years’ experience in developing mobile and web solutions. He has also managed large scale deployment of mobile banking systems in Kenya and Nigeria. He is proficient in Android, SMS, USSD and web platforms. He has also deployed solutions on Microsoft Azure Platforms. Notable clients he has worked with are First Bank Nigeria, Union Bank Nigeria, National Bank of Kenya, GA Insurance, Postal Corporation of Kenya, CIC Insurance among others.